Meet Roger Bassam: The Right Choice for the Mayor of North Vancouver District.

Roger Bassam the right choice as Mayor for North Vancouver District in 2018

On October 20, 2018 North Vancouver District Councillor Roger Bassam will be seeking election as the Mayor of the District of North Vancouver.
Roger Bassam has dedicated much of his adult life to serving the community where he has lived and worked for most of his life – North Vancouver.


Roger Bassam’s involvement with North Vancouver politics dates back to 1995. Remember when Sheryl Crow won a Grammy for best new artist? That same year was when Roger was appointed to the North Vancouver Sports Advisory Council.

In the 23 years since, Roger has served on a number of committees and boards in the community including the Parks and Natural Environment Committee, the Chamber of Commerce and the M.O.T.I. – Second Narrows Interchanges Committee.


Roger is a member of the North Vancouver District Council having been elected in 2008 and re-elected in 2011 & 2014.


He currently serves on the Metro Vancouver Zero Waste Committee, the District Finance & Audit Committee and Chairs the District Advisory Oversight Committee. Roger is a member of the Parkgate Community Services Society, the Lynn Valley Community Association and the Edgemont and Upper Capilano Community Association.


As mayor, Roger believes his role will be to provide experienced leadership and common sense as the municipality works to address the issues that most concern North Vancouver District residents; transportation, housing and the local economy.
While transportation is clearly the number one issue in the District, this problem and the daily congestion it causes are actually a symptom of the changing economy – and a much more complex set of issues.
Committed to open and accountable government, Roger will leverage technology to provide residents with better access to their government and services. He will spearhead a referendum on re-unification of the two North Vancouvers (#OneNorthVan) and seek a clear mandate to invest in affordable housing for the community.

There is no doubt that the District of North Vancouver is at a critical point in its history.

Over the next four years our municipality will have an opportunity to make major improvements to our transportation infrastructure, enhance public transit and make significant investments into affordable housing. Meeting these challenges will require a clear mandate from the community and a strong, experienced, tech savvy mayor who can lead North Vancouver to a more prosperous future.