On November 19th the voters in the District of North Vancouver re-elected me for another term on Council.  Thank you all for your continued trust in allowing me to represent our community and help ensure the District remains one of the best places on earth to live work and play.  If you require help with local government matters or have concerns about local issues, please contact me.  I can be reached via this website or through the District's mail service (

Sincerely yours, 

Roger Bassam



Inaugural Council Meeting - Dec 2011

Contact Info
Phone: (604) 985-7569
Did You Know?

The Official Community Plan Bylaw 7900, 2011, received final adoption by District Council adoption at a Special Meeting on Monday June 27, 2011. This is a momentous step that marks the completion of an eventful two year OCP community engagement process and the beginning of implementation of the OCP vision and policies. For more information go to 


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